What should you do after a Hit and Run Accident?

hit and run accidents are dangerous

Hit and run accident victims suffer injuries on a daily basis in Florida. All too often, negligent drivers strike Tampa Bay citizens and then leave the scene of the crash. Many of those victims have been violently struck in a deadly hit and run collision. Those victims then find themselves with no one to pay for their property damage and medical expenses. 

The moments immediately following a car accident are hectic. The accident disorients and shocks the victims. They are trying to process what just happened. This is not an ideal time to need to be aware of all of your surroundings. However, there are things that a hit and run victim can do to protect themselves.

The First Thing you Should do After a Hit and Run Accident

It would be nice if Florida residents could believe drivers would stay at the scene after a motor vehicle crash. But Florida drivers would be naïve to trust that notion. Thousands of negligent drivers leave the scene of accidents every year. That is why immediately after a crash happens, the victim should do everything in their power to identify the vehicle and obtain as much information about that vehicle as possible.

The victim should immediately begin taking photos of the other vehicle. If they can obtain a photograph of the license plate, that is crucial. Having the license plate will potentially allow your personal injury attorney to identify the driver after they flee the scene. If victims cannot get photographs of the license plate, they should take pictures that identify the vehicle’s model and color.

Additionally, it is important that the victim take photos of the damage not only to their vehicle, but to the vehicle that hit them. The photos of the damage to the other car will help investigators to identify the vehicle that caused the accident. Further, the photos of the damage to the victim’s own vehicle will help show the severity and seriousness of the wreck during the personal injury claim.

The Next Steps After a Hit and Run Accident

After taking photographs like an amateur paparazzi, the next thing a hit and run accident victim should do is call the police. Whether it is the local police department, the sheriff’s office, or the Florida Highway Patrol that reports to the scene, they will create a police report about the crash. 

The police report serves several purposes. The first purpose of a police report after a hit and run accident is to provide the police with the information they need to investigate the hit and run. Additionally, accident victims can use police reports to prove that an accident actually occurred when presenting the claim to the injury victim’s own insurance company. 

Next, the accident victim should look for witnesses. The police will want to speak to anyone that has any information about what happened in the crash. If the victim can provide someone that can help the police determine what happened, that will help the investigation. There is also the possibility that the witness or witnesses will have identifying information about the other car.

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